General Information about the Farming Industry

The Altai Krai (Russian: Алтайский край) is one of the largest agricultural regions in the Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation. Its farming industry sector not only fully satisfies the demands of the region’s population for the main types of agricultural products and foodstuffs but also ensures the food security of other regions of the country.

The farming industry plays an important role in shaping the region’s economy and the way of life of its population. It accounts for more than 18% of the gross regional product as compared to 6-7% in Russia. More than 45% of the region’s population lives in the rural areas.

With its huge agricultural potential, the Altai Krai ranks first in Russia in terms of arable land area (6.5 million ha), and 4th in terms of cattle herd.

In terms of gross agricultural production volume, the region ranks first among the regions of the Siberian Federal District and is in the top ten regions of the Russian Federation. At year-end 2013, the region produced more than 5% of the Russian grain, 4% of sunflower oil-seeds, 12% of flax, 4.4% of milk, 3% of potatoes, about 3% of meat and eggs, and about 2% of sugar beet and vegetables.

The contribution of the Altai Krai in the solution of the country’s food security problem is very significant. Every year the region exports 85% of the produced groats, about 70% of flour fat cheese, 60% of pasta, 30% of dairy and meat products. The food products supplied to the markets of other regions are of high quality and inexpensive compared to imported comparable products, and indirectly they are a social assistance to the population of other regions of the Russian Federation.